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As a leading Internet marketing company, we’ve compiled quite a few articles on the subject of online marketing over the years. To help you get a better grasp on how to grow your industrial company using the power of the web, we've made these articles available in our very own knowledge base.

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Learn Internet Marketing

From the basics of inbound marketing to advanced online marketing strategies and expert tips, these articles will help you learn everything you need to know about marketing with the web.


Want to market your business effectively online? Take a look at our internet marketing resources database for more information, and for answers to commonly-asked questions.


Learn Search Engine Optimization

Confused by SEO? We'll spell it out for you. Our articles on search engine optimization, link building, and Google will help even the newest webmaster properly optimize their site.


Want to learn more about how to optimize your website for more traffic? Our database has all the information you need.


Learn Web Design

Thinking about a site redesign? Not sure what responsive design is? Just want to know what the latest trends in web design are? We've got you covered.


Thinking about redesigning your website? Browse our collection of web design resources for tips and ideas for creating a design that is both beautiful and functional.


Learn Marketing for Your Industry

Whether you sell heavy machinery, create software solutions, or work at a hospital, online marketing is crucial for your industry. These in-depth articles will help you learn the best practices for your specific industry, business, or field, and give you new tips and tricks you can use to reach new leads online.


Different industries require different marketing strategies. Find yours in our database to see how you can creating a plan that is relevant to both you and your customers.


Our Most Recent Blog Posts

The Basics of International SEO

International SEO or international search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for your international markets so that search engines — and users — know which countries and languages you are targeting.  You can think of international SEO like geotargeting. Rather than targeting a local or regional audience, you target an international…

5 Ways To Boost Visitor Session Length

Visitor session length can reveal a lot about your website, from its usefulness to its lead generation potential. Keep reading to learn more about visitor session length, including how to boost your visitor session length!
An industrial saw blade

What Is Duplicate Content? (And How Can You Fix It?)

If you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO), learning about duplicate content is essential. When you understand what duplicate content is, as well as how search engines look at it, you can build a better strategy for your SEO and content marketing efforts. So, what is duplicate content? Keep reading to find out!
The inside of a steel manufacturing plant

What Is Long-Form Content? (What Industrial Companies Need to Know)

Almost 90 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers use content marketing. In your industry, it’s a useful strategy for developing brand awareness, attracting high-value leads, and building client loyalty. A lot of content marketing strategies, however, forget long-form content. What is long-form content, though? Long-form content is a proven way to improve your content marketing strategy…
An industrial motor

7 Remarketing Best Practices for Industrial Companies

Remarketing is a powerful tool for companies in the industrial sector. With remarketing, your business can retarget users that visited your site with hyper-targeted campaigns that motivate them to return to your website and act on your call-to-action (CTA), like requesting a custom quote. Improve the performance of your campaigns by following these seven remarketing…
A woman outlines content on a notepad

Top 6 Content Marketing Tools for Industrial Businesses

A content marketing plan can double your website’s conversion rates, which means more phone calls, quote requests, and leads for your business. If you want to maximize the results of your content marketing strategy, as well as make managing your strategy easier, you need the right tools. What are the best content marketing tools for…
A man writes out benefits of LinkedIn advertising

Why Advertise on LinkedIn? 6 Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn features more than 500 million users. That audience includes more than 60 million decision-makers, 90 million senior-level influencers, and 10 million members of the C-suite. It’s a platform that companies can’t ignore, especially those in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. That’s not the only reason why companies should advertise on LinkedIn, though. The benefits of…
A mockup of google ads on mobile and desktop devices

What Are Ad Extensions? (Plus 5 Must-Use Ad Extensions)

Whether your business advertises on Google or Bing, you can take advantage of ad extensions. With ad extensions, which include additional information about your company, your business can improve your click-through rate (CTR), conversion rates, and campaign successes. Learn more about ad extensions, from what they are to which ad extensions to use, now!
A man outlines an email marketing campaign for team members

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign That Delivers

Email offers not only an impressive return on investment ($44 for every $1 invested) but also tremendous performance when it comes to lead generation, producing 50 percent more sales than other lead generation methods. That’s why email marketing is a must-use strategy for industrial and manufacturing businesses. Companies often find the process of creating and…
A man optimizing a YouTube video on a laptop

YouTube Video Optimization: How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos in 7 Steps

With almost 2 billion monthly users, YouTube offers access to a massive audience. More than 75 percent of that audience uses YouTube when making a purchase decision, which is why companies (including business-to-business operations) need to take advantage of YouTube. Businesses, however, often struggle when it comes to optimizing their YouTube videos. If you don’t…
A screenshot of the Google Analytics homepage

Assisted Conversions in Google Analytics: A Must-Read Guide

When it comes to digital marketing, Google Analytics is critical. It’s a powerful platform that provides unmatched insight into your site’s performance, audience, and results. With all the features available in Google Analytics, however, many businesses don’t take full advantage of them. Assisted conversions in Google Analytics are one example of a tremendously useful feature.…
A man teaches a woman PPC landing page best practices

6 PPC Landing Page Best Practices for Your Next Ad Campaign

A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign provides your company with instant access to people interested in your products or services. It’s not enough to create snappy ad copy or target high-value keywords, though. Your business also needs a fast, user-friendly landing page for your PPC ad campaign. Set your campaign up for success by following these…
What Should Be On A Homepage

What Should Be On A Homepage

The homepage of a website is arguably the most important page of all. It is often the first page of the site that a visitor comes in contact with, and it is also the page that search engines pay the most attention to. The homepage serves as the face of your company for online visitors,…
What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website

What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites come in all shapes and sizes and sell almost anything imaginable. Most ecommerce websites have the same basic set up. There is usually a menu of categories or someway to search products, the product pages themselves, and a cart and checkout page. However, not all ecommerce sites are equal. Some are clearly better…
Google Search - IndustrialFX

What is Google Search Console?

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console is a free service created by Google to help you understand how Google indexes, crawls and analyzes websites. The name change reflects the new landscape of search engine optimization — now marketers, web administrators and business owners, not just webmasters, can use the tools available from Google…
What Does SWOT Stand For In Marketing

What Does SWOT Stand For In Marketing

SWOT is an acronym that is used by business owners to describe a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The term can be applied to marketing as well. Strengths and weaknesses are viewed by the manager as internal factors while opportunities are viewed as external factors. This means that the business can have direct impact…

How to Use a Facebook Business Page

So you’ve decided to start using Facebook for your business, that’s great! As of May 2013, over 16 million local business pages have been created on Facebook; now it’s your turn. By creating your Facebook Business Page, you’re joining a huge online community filled with many opportunities to promote your company. Basically, you’re getting free…
A woman uses Google to search,

AdWords vs. AdWords Express: Which Is Better?

AdWords vs. AdWords Express: Which Is Better? One of the best methods to market your business online is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads are advertisements that appear at the top of the search results, above the organic listings. These ads are created through Google’s program: AdWords. As you research PPC, you’ll find that you can…
Google Search - IndustrialFX

5 Tips for How to Rank Higher on Google Searches

If your website has not been getting the traffic you desire, you may need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to help improve your site’s visibility. Users typically click on search results that appear on the first page. If you are not ranking on the first page of Google, you will need to make…
An industrial manufacturing tool

SEO Guide for Manufacturing Companies: 7 Steps for Driving Leads and Revenue

The manufacturing sector demands efficiency, ingenuity, and cost-effectiveness — three traits you’ll find in digital marketing, specifically, search engine optimization (SEO). Compared to traditional marketing, SEO lets you reach the audience you want, and it improves your return on investment (ROI). At IndustrialFX, we bring more than 20 years of Internet marketing experience to manufacturers…
How to Launch a Product - IndustrialFX

How to Launch a Product

When we think of a product launch, most people will envision a visionary like Steve Jobs presenting a breakthrough idea to throngs of press and brand fanatics. As idealistic as that image is, most companies don’t have product launches that look anything as luxurious as that and still find a way to succeed. Just because…
How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page - IndustrialFX

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Your business has found some initial success in social media and you are planning on growing, or you are branching out into social media for the first time and want to do it right. You can be anywhere on the scale of social media ability and be unsure about LinkedIn. Why? LinkedIn is a unique…
How Often Should You Blog? - Industrial FX

How Often Should You Blog?

As a blogger, your ultimate goal is to drive additional traffic to your website. Creating an effective content calendar can help you achieve your goal and drive more traffic to your blog. To achieve the success you desire, posting randomly every few months will not work. Every blogger has different personalities, skills and time schedules.…

Should you Use Google or Bing to Advertise Your Industrial Company?

Since the majority of Americans prefer Google as their search engine of choice, it is obvious why so many companies choose to bid on PPC ad space in the Google search results page. However, studies show that advertising on Bing could actually yield a higher ROI for some industries. So, where should your industrial company…

How Visual Content Can Make the Sale for Industrial Companies

In the industrial industry, visual content is especially important. The big machinery and expansive projects are brought to life with visual content, and your website can be nearly ineffective without it. A typical industrial company’s website usually includes some form of visual content, but are they fully optimized?

Top 5 Reasons Your Industrial Website Should Include Unique Content

Your industrial company stands out from your competitors in the products and services you provide, the way you do business, and your company culture. But do you also stand out in terms of your content? The content on your website is incredibly important and should be exclusive to your industrial company. This means the content…

5 Contact Form Flaws and How CRO Testing Can Fix Them

As much as a catchy phrase with an exclamation point at the end looks like it grabs attention on your contact forms, there’s always more to the equation. “Contact us!” seems like it would be the best way to get a customer to contact you, but is it? While contact form leads are incredibly important…

Lead Nurturing for Industrial Companies

In an industry where generating new leads is a primary focus, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new lead coming through. Whether the lead is a contact form submission, a phone call, or a newsletter signup, new leads mean more business. So, why is it that so many…
Manufacturing SEO Stats Header

23 SEO Stats Every US Manufacturer Should Know

These days, there’s a lot of concern about manufacturing in the United States. As a powerhouse of the nationwide economy, manufacturing plays a huge role in American employment as well. But, as the US shifts to tech-focused companies, manufacturing is in danger — especially as lower costs attract clients from overseas. So what can a…

SEO Metrics That Matter

Every business is aware that SEO is an essential part of modern business. Short for search engine optimization, SEO practices help move the needle upward in terms of search engine rankings. One of the keys to keeping track of your SEO is to measure certain metrics on a regular basis. These metrics can be of…

What Is Technical SEO, and Why Does It Matter?

Most people have heard of search engine optimization, or SEO. It’s a commonly used phrase, even among people who might not deal with it every day. SEO is often used as an umbrella term to describe keyword-optimized content, but what about SEO that is unseen, existing in the backend realm of a website? That’s technical…

Common Misconceptions About SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can seem like a mythical beast in some ways. It’s been highly talked about, and highly misunderstood as well. In fact, there are several general misconceptions about optimization strategies and techniques, including the nine we’ve listed here.   #1: It’s a one-time fix. SEO is a process — not a…

4 Tips for Effective Local SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, happens on numerous levels, including local. While many aspects of local SEO are similar to other types of SEO, there are some notable differences. Being aware of these differences and doing what you can to enhance your SEO on the local level, will generate more inbound lead generation, improve search…

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