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At the heart of every manufacturing company is a unique brand, and this should be clear on your company’s website. Your site is your online home, and often the first place potential customers go to learn about what you have to offer.

If you want to convert your site visitors into customers, your manufacturing company’s website needs to showcase your organization’s abilities, people, and values – and there are a few best practices you should follow to reach this goal.

  • Personalized websites tailored to your brand's strengths and budget

  • Unique websites from the most talented designers in the industry

  • Multiple assisting design services for your blog, social profiles, and more

Best Practices for Manufacturing Company Web Design

There are a few rules you should always follow, no matter what social media platforms you choose to utilize.

  • Custom design that's consistent with your brand

    You’ve probably noticed the proliferation of similar website themes among businesses. If at all possible, your website should be more customized to your brand.


    A website that stands out for all the right reasons is likely to get more traction. As soon as a visitor lands on your page, whether they’re a distributor, partner, potential vendor, possible employee, or consumer seeking information, they should have an instant impression of who your company is and what you stand for.


    Your site should hold a fresh appeal, so keep that in mind when choosing a design and development team.

  • Straightforward navigation

    Don’t forgo simplicity for creativity. A unique, interesting website is terrific – as long as it’s easy for users to get around.


    Do more than just have a noticeable navigation bar at the top, side, or bottom of the page. Really consider the logical flow from page to page. What path do you want visitors to follow so they can get the most out of the site? Make this clear with your navigation system.

  • Clear calls-to-action

    You know the steps you would like website visitors to take, and you need to make these steps as clear as possible. You can do this by including CTAs on every page.


    They can be in any form, such as a strong recommendation to send an email or make a phone call at the end of a piece of text, or a button that sends guests to a page with an information form. If you have any pages without a CTA, you could be missing huge opportunities for engagement.

  • High quality content

    People do not read websites — they skim them. This means that your site copy should be written in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to identify important pieces of information.


    What does ideal site content look like? It’s crisp, with solid headlines. It’s also extremely relevant to the search terms it’s optimized for. You want visitors to immediately know they’ve found the page that contains the information they want.


    This will not only help engagement, but it will also reduce your site’s bounce rate and improve conversions. You should also explain any potentially confusing topics as clearly as possible, and include an FAQ page that answers common customer questions.

  • SEO-friendly structure

    Most of the time, we only think of optimizing sites in terms of changes we make to copy, page titles, meta descriptions, and other text elements. However, site structure and usability are just as important.


    Your site needs to be easy for Google to index, so that they can rank your pages accordingly. This involves a host of elements, from the way your site’s code is written to the metadata utilized in your site’s structure.


    Manufacturers without in-house teams familiar with the ins and outs of SEO will get better traction by working with developers who have more knowledge in this arena.

  • Unique visual content

    You’ve probably heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It was true when it was first uttered, and it’s still true today.


    Visitors are more interested in sites with interesting visual content. So how can you ensure your images are fantastic and not forgettable?


    Either invest in the time and energy to create high quality images, or hire a photographer or designer to do so. And remember, images don’t have to be photographs. They can take the shape of drawings, infographics, or other graphics. Videos can also take the place of images if they make sense within the context of your site.

Web design services from WebFX

Every time you visit your own website, you should feel like it’s an extension of your manufacturing business. At WebFX, we create sites that meet this goal.

We have years of experience designing websites that help manufacturing companies reach new customers, and we’ll do the same for you. Contact us today for more information and a free quote!


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Our specialists will work with your industrial company to create a Digital marketing campaign that’s tailored to your existing goals. We’ll keep the focus on strategies that drive revenue and help your company grow.

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