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As a blogger, your ultimate goal is to drive additional traffic to your website. Creating an effective content calendar can help you achieve your goal and drive more traffic to your blog. To achieve the success you desire, posting randomly every few months will not work.

Every blogger has different personalities, skills and time schedules. Developing a content strategy that works for you is the key to managing your blog. Your schedule might involve posting every day, one to two times a week, or monthly. You may also consider posting certain types of content during different seasons or days of the week.

No matter what type of posting schedule you decide to use for your blog, consistency is necessary to be successful. Your readers what to know that they can count on seeing new content from you on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.

What factors affect how often you should blog?

When determining the right content schedule for your blog, there are many things you should consider. The following factors can help you determine the consistency at which you should post on your blog:


Depending on the niche of your blog you may need to post more often. If there is a lot of competition in your niche, posting additional content will give you more opportunities to have your content viewed and ranked on the search engine results page. If the industry you write about is fast-changing, you will need to post more often to stay relevant with the industry.

Regular readers

As you understand more about your readers and their habits, you can determine the best posting schedule. If your readers expect to read a post on your blog every week, then providing them what they are looking for will help your blog in the long-term.


Depending on your personal budget and resources, you may need to select a content schedule that can work with your calendar. If you know that posting each day or once a week may be too much for you, make sure you schedule for longer periods between posts. Whatever schedule you decide on, make sure you stick to it to ensure readers can anticipate how often and when you will post.

Take into consideration how long it takes you to create one blog post including writing the post, creating images, editing your content and scheduling content and social media posts. Knowing how long one post takes to create will help you determine the amount of time you need between posts.

Rankings on search engines

Getting your website to rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing may require more work.

Search engines like to see that your site provides valuable and fresh content. To help show search engines your blog provides fresh content, you may need to post on a more regular basis to help build up your site’s credibility. As you build up your credibility, it will become easier for your future posts to rank well on the search engine results page.

Links from other websites to your blog are another signal that search engines look at when ranking your website. The more content you have, the more you can share on social media and the more opportunities you have to build links.

By taking these factors into account, you can determine a posting schedule that helps you achieve your goals.

How can you stick to your schedule?

How can you stick to your schedule? - Industrial FXOnce you determine a schedule, it is important to stick to that schedule as much as possible. Sure, sometimes unexpected circumstances may lead you to miss posting, but try your best to provide users with some type of valuable content.

Inform your readers

One way to ensure you commit to your schedule is to tell your viewers about your schedule. Having readers that are depending on you to post, will give you the motivation and determination you need to ensure you have a post ready each time.

Use a planner

Keeping track of your blogging schedule is essential to ensuring you remember to post. With a planner, you can mark when you will post as well as write down topics that you plan to write about. The ability to check off tasks on a planner will give you greater motivation to complete a task.

Schedule posts ahead of time

Many blogging platforms allow you to schedule content in advance. Scheduling posts in advance will help you make sure you do not miss posting.

Work ahead

Working ahead will give you flexibility and peace of mind. If you are just starting a blog, creating five posts before you publish can give you extra time to generate more topic ideas and complete your next articles. If you have a well-established blog, you may need to set aside a large amount of time to work on writing a few posts to get ahead.

Set a time limit

If you have a plan for how often you want to post, you may need to give yourself a time constraint for how long you will work on each post. Setting a time constraint will help you achieve your posting goals. Along with setting a time limit, having a specific time set aside to write each day or week will help you establish consistency in your personal schedule.

Although consistency is important, do not be afraid to change your posting frequency if your current schedule is not working. When you decide to make changes to your schedule, make them gradually, so you are not going from three posts a week to one every three weeks. Experimenting, when done gradually, can help you establish the right schedule for your blog.

Establishing a goal and working towards consistently posting will help you to establish a habit.

Remember, what works for someone else might not work for you. As you determine the right blog post schedule, keep in mind that consistency is more beneficial to your blog than frequency. A realistic blog schedule will allow you to have fun blogging.

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