MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary set of marketing tools, and it allow each of our clients to track and manage important user data.  We use this data to help our clients make informed decisions and modify their campaigns to produce the best possible results.

On this page, we’ll cover some of the most useful tools included in MarketingCloudFX.


Track telephone leads with ease.

Additional charges apply.

CallTrackerFX enables us to track phone calls originating from visitors viewing your industrial website or particular components of your website, such as a form or landing page. With this revolutionary software, phone call conversions are integrated seamlessly into your analytics data, alongside the traditional conversions.

CallTrackerFX is especially helpful to service-based industrial businesses, where the website visitor is more likely to call your company rather than place an online order or complete a “contact us” form.

Because many industrial companies have several phone numbers or route calls to more than one phone extension, accurately determining the number of calls generated by your industrial website is used to be nearly impossible.

But with CallTrackerFX, we’re able to report the ROI, and based on that information, we can make more informed decisions on future changes to your industrial website and Internet marketing plan.

While other Internet marketing firms determine client website strategies based on partial data, WebFX can see the whole picture – ultimately providing superior results for our clients.


Monitor which companies are visiting your website.

Included in every marketing plan.

CompanyTrackerFX is a tool that allows your industrial team to track the companies that visit your website, what pages they view, and how often users from these companies are returning. This information helps you determine when to follow up and what new companies to reach out to.

This data can be exported in an Excel report, making it easy to share with your industrial company’s team and managers.


Seamlessly manage leads and phone calls from the web.

Included in every marketing plan.

LeadManagerFX closes the loop between your analytics and offline efforts. With LeadManagerFX, all leads from your industrial website are captured and data such as search terms, name, and contact information are included.

LeadManagerFX takes measured marketing to an entirely new level, allowing our Internet marketers to focus on terms that are driving leads to your industrial company’s website by analyzing the keywords that are converting.


Clutter-free communication. No more lost emails.

Included in every marketing plan.

CrawlerFX allows the WebFX SEO team to crawl, index, and generate prioritized SEO to-do lists. These lists include hundreds of steps that can be taken to improve your industrial company’s rankings in major search engines like Google.

CrawlerFX complements the traditional first phase of search engine marketing – the initial site analysis. This step used to take up to 300 hours to complete, but our team can now do it in a fraction of the time.

This unmatched efficiency enables WebFX to provide top-notch SEO packages at a competitive price level. In addition, WebFX can now complete site optimization more quickly, providing industrial clients with optimal site rankings in less time than traditional SEO companies.

CrawlerFX is a direct result of WebFX’s customer-focused, result-driven approach.


Monitor your website's metrics on the fly.

Additional charges apply.

Email marketing is often cited as one of the most effective online marketing tactics, second only to SEO. This cost-effective form of direct marketing enhances the relationship between your industrial company and your customers, strengthening loyalty and ultimately encouraging repeat business.

With MyEmailFX, your industrial company will get analytics that can help you understand what kinds of emails work best for your business. You’ll gain insight into data like who opens your emails, which content generates the most interest, and what subject lines work best. With this information, you’ll be able to better craft your emails so that you get the best response possible.


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