Abstract Web Background From Texture


Learn how to make your own website backgrounds by creating a backdrop of texture!

In this tutorial you will learn a specific technique on how to make simple but interesting backgrounds for your website quick, using adobe Photoshop. The blended dynamic look that each of these graphics provides makes the perfect backdrop to showcase your website’s content, whether it’s copy, graphics, or images.

The technique converts an image, wallpaper, or any graphic you have into an abstract blended palate. Specifically, in Adobe Photoshop, you will want to use a blur filter. By using the motion blur filter you will get results very similar to what is shown here.

Then, by adjusting the angle and distance of the blur you have total freedom on how you would like it to look as a backdrop.

After the technique is used on an image you chose, you should see more of a gradient or blend of different colors that were in the original image, as seen here. You should not see the actual image you started with. If you used the motion blur filter for a few backgrounds try another blur filter in Photoshop.

Each filter will give you a different abstract look.  By exploring all of the blur filters you can see which one is your favorite for your site.


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