3D Text With Some Extreme Lighting


Create dramatic 3D letters in our text effects and texture tutorial!  In this specific tutorial, you will learn how to make the 3D letters pop by using a mix of a background, warm colors, dramatic shadowing, and how to manipulate the letters.

You can do all of your design work in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Throughout the project you will use a rugged wood image for the background. In adobe illustrator you will manipulate how you want the letters to look, including the shadowing.  Once you move into Adobe Photoshop you will pick warm and rustic colors like rusty orange, red, and a warm yellow for lighting and color.

Overall, the atmosphere you create here will be a dark and rustic environment. The dark shadows behind the letters in combination with a wood background and warm colors to light parts of the graphic will make it feel as though you are peering into a shed or industrial environment at night.

This graphic would be suitable to use when you need a graphic for woodworking or any industry that uses a workshop.  On a website, you could use this as a custom graphic for blog posts or informational article page. You could also use this graphic as a social media.

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