Yellow Rust Textures


Download twenty one free images of rust in this texture pack.  This close-up view of rust portrays a sense of old and dirty. The associated imagery that these photographs will remind you of are old metal on cars and doors rusting away in junk yards or more abandoned places.

The photograph collection displays different metal that rust has formed on. Each image either has a smooth metal surface that rust is building up on or is starting to bubble and flake off of.  The metal surfaces have blue, yellow, teal, and tan paint. The rust on each painted surface brings dark red, orange, and brown colors invading or spotting the painted metal. One image in particular has a yellow paint over the smooth metal surface with scratches all over.  The scratches are brown because of the rust that formed inside of them.

Businesses that could use these images would be scrap yards and auto-body shops. These images could be included on a website blog to explain how to prevent rust on a car or the types of metal you can give to a scrap yard. These images could also be used in a graphic designer’s project to put quotes over them or make into infographics.

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