Wood Textures


Start your next project that requires a rustic home feeling with a set of five photos in this wood textures pack. The bright colors of paint peeling off strips of wood imply a sense of rustic and humble living. This texture is more about the feeling than the wood itself!

The five images share a pastel color palate of teal, blue, gray, yellow, and red. The yellowish color that peaks through the pealing paint represents the wood in the picture.  The lighting looks like it is from a bright but soft afternoon. There is not a lot of contrast in each photograph. Since the color palate is of calming pastels and the lighting is soft but bright, it will remind you of a calm part of the day in a humble small coastal town or rural setting.

These images could be used on a website for decorative headers that add design flair, social media, or in blog posts. More specifically, a designer could overlay text to use for quotes to point out throughout a blog article. Businesses that I could see using these images would be coastal home construction builders, gift shops, bed and breakfasts, or rustic themed restaurants.

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