Watercolor Textures


This texture pack of watercolors will give you an inspiring start to your project.  These water color graphics contain bright colors of pastel to neon colors. If you need nature colors or more unnatural looking water color stain graphics, take a look at these photos. Overall, these images bring happy, bright, and creative vibes to the table.

Throughout the graphics you will see a variety of colors. From neon to more pastel colors, each one provides a super colorful look. The boldness of each graphic varies. Some of the images are very rich in color while others are more transparent.  Many of the graphics contain a mix of two or three different colors.

Each graphic has a different watercolor shape. Some look like they are water color splatters whereas others look like blobs.  There are many watercolor graphics in this pack that are a consistent shade of a specific pastel color with hints of a richer or darker spot of the same color. There is another graphic that has brush strokes of green, yellow, and blue that has a linear pattern in line structure.

A few watercolor graphics have a wispy feel to the brush strokes while other brush strokes are very harsh. Some of the graphics look like a brush was used to actually just drip water color onto the page.

Any creative business could use these images on their website or in print. They would work specifically well on daycare websites, painting websites, arts and craft store websites, or a creative blog.

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