Urban Texture Pack


Need a set of free urban feeling textures? This pack contains 25 textures you would find in a city or suburban area. Each texture is 3000px wide. Overall, the colors and textures are of gray and tan concrete and bright green grass.

With the concrete graphics, they mimic the look of city steps, concrete walls, tan sidewalks, old concrete work, or even smooth, fresh concrete from new construction work.  There is also bright green grass that can remind you of a patch along with a sidewalk, building common area, or a city park.

Use these graphics for your website if you’re looking for a city or suburban feel.  Business websites that could use these graphics are ones for construction work, tourism, and more. These graphics would, more specifically, make a great backdrop for quotes in a blog article, or be the background for the heading of a blog or webpage.

Download » fudgegraphics

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