Old Grunge Paper Textures


Are you looking for aged book paper or parchment paper graphics?  Download eleven free high-resolution grunge paper textures here! Each texture is about seven megabytes in size that you can individually download.

These paper graphics are in different shades of tan and white. One graphic pictures an dirty maroon book cover, giving the look and feel of a warm, aged, vintage story. On many, there are small tan stains, crinkles, and imprints as if they were kept in storage for an extended period of time.

You can use these paper graphics to set a nostalgic, warm, or vintage tone on your website. Specific uses for these graphics could be as a backdrop for blog post, headers or footers.

Businesses that could use this texture are book publishers, stationery companies, bookstores, restaurants, and more.

Download » fudgegraphics
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