New York Concrete Textures


Looking for concrete textures that show age or grunge? Get ten free, high resolution concrete textures made with phtographs of concrete in New York City. Each is 3264px by 2448px.

The collection of images contains many neutral light and dark shades of gray, brown, red, green, blue, and white.  Some of the images remind you of porous concrete while others are smooth, used as grout, or painted over.  These images of concrete display their age with the brown dots, gray scuff marks, and white paint. Some of the images contain painted concrete blocks and others include red bricks with splotches of concrete or paint over them.

As a collection, these graphics will remind you of concrete you walk on in the city, subway staircases and concrete pillars, brick walls on the outside of old buildings, and construction patches where work is ongoing and paint is being spilled.

Businesses that could use these textures on their websites would be concrete mixers, masonry businesses, and construction companies. They could be used as backgrounds of graphics, headers, footers, and more.

Download » fudgegraphics

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