High Resolution Bark Textures


Use these ten high-resolution, large-scale tree bark images for your digital designs.

Each photograph displays a slightly different tree bark texture for the look and feel you would like to achieve. While looking through the pack, you will notice a range of cool and warm color tones, different textures of bark, and different lighting.

Earthy shades of green, brown, gray, orange, and hints of red give off the feeling of being in the woods. Some of the bark images show more contrast than others depending on how thick the bark on the tree is. There is harsh lighting in a few of the images which show darker shadows in the bark. In an abstract way, some of the images of bark look like a birds-eye view of landscapes.

Industries that could use these images are environmental or travel, to name a few.  Logging or tourism business websites could use these images for their blog posts, website headers, or backdrops for sections of a webpage.

These images have detail but are very simplistic.  This simplistic backdrop makes them perfect for graphic designers to overlay quotes on them or incorporate them in their design projects.

All images are 2,896px by 1,944px in size.

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