Free Sand Textures


If you’re looking for sandy pictures, this is the texture pack for you! This pack includes 30 free high resolution sand textures.

Get started with your designs by implementing this variety pack of grainy sand from different locations. Some include sand from the playground, while others depict desert sand. Most of the images are naturally occurring sources of sand, but one image depicts sandpaper.

The image collection has a variety of sand in a variety of colors.  Shades of tan, black, pink, and brown are displayed in many of the textures.  Some of the pictures have high contrast lighting while others are more neutral.  Some of the grain is very fine while the other types of sand have more coarse grain. Many of the images show a pattern that was naturally made, and some of the patterns are wavy while others are more linear.

These images would make for a great background on websites, for graphics, and on social media.

Many industries could use these images, but some that would find them especially useful would be construction, industrial, remodeling, or tourism.

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