Elegant Brick Textures


If you’re looking for a brick background to use in your next design project, we have 22 high resolution brick backgrounds for your use on websites and for print.

Each brick background features a different color palate from browns and tans to reds and whites.

Some brick textures have neat, clean mortar, while others have a sloppier feel. Some bricks are laid horizontal, while some are vertical. Some have moss growing over, while others have graffiti.

Whatever kind of brick texture you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

This pack contains 5 brown brick textures, 3 mixed white and red brick textures, 5 pink brick textures, 3 red brick textures, and 5 yellow and gray brick textures.

These images would be great as a backdrop for website headers, footers, blogs, or graphics, and could be used as an image overlay when increased in transparency.

Download » medniex.deviantart.com

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