Cracked Asphalt Textures


Get started with your designs by using this cracked asphalt texture pack.

Each of the images displays a close up view of asphalt.

Each image has a hard, packed rock texture. The texture pack includes images that have shades of gray, black, tan, and white.  Some images have very fine packed grain while others have chunks of asphalt or chipped up rock. A few of the pictures included have dirt over top of the asphalt.

The lighting of each image is more neutral. There is not a lot of contrast in any of the images.

These images would be ideal for construction companies, paving companies, landscaping companies, or industrial companies.

You could use these images in headers and footers on your website, a background for a pull quote or graphic, or to show different examples of asphalt.

You could also decrease the transparency on these images to create a textural overlay for other images.

Download » seamless-pixels

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