Cool Pebble Stone Textures


Download this free image of smooth, black stones and pebbles to create a calming feeling in your next design.

This birds-eye view image of pebbles and stones are a great way to achieve a cool, calm, and tranquil feeling for your design or website.

The photograph displays a bunch of stones and pebbles from the edges of the frame. It seems like you are on the edge of a lake, beach, or pond walking over all of these shiny, wet, smooth stones.

Each stone is a shade of cool-gray with a few that have a more neutral tan color.  The rocks possess a glossy shine, suggesting that they’re wet.

The color palate gives a calm vibe because of the neutral grays and tans in portrayed in the stones, and the soft use of lighting over the stones.

Industries that could benefit from this kind of texture could be spas and salons, travel and tourism, or things like yoga, acupuncture, or chiropractic.

This texture could be used as a background of a brochure, backdrop for a website header or footer, or to create a social media image.

Download » brusheezy

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