Concrete and Cement Textures Pack


These five, high-resolution concrete and cement textures will definitely add a hard-working grit and grunge feel to whatever your project may be.

These textures showcase gray, black, and shades of brown.

The first has craters in the concrete, and the second image of concrete is smooth, mostly gray, and offers a veiny texture.

The third image is a lighter gray, with more white, and has splotches of dark  brown or black mixed in.  The tan concrete texture is solid tan except for some dark gray scratches. The last image of concrete is a darker gray with shades of light gray and white peeking through.

These textures offer an extremely grunge, rough, industrial feel, and would be great for a wide range of industries to use on their websites.

Concrete, construction, heavy equipment, or any other industrial company would benefit from using these textures on their website.

They could easily use these images in headers, footers, blog posts, and in the background of a webpage.

You could also increase the transparency of these images and use them as an overlay for existing images to give a grungy, industrial feel.

Download » designpanoply

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