Clean Grunge Texture Pack


This pack features eight images of smooth and clean grunge textures.

Each image is clean, bright, and calming. Between the color usage and smooth texture, these images will remind you of a clean concrete surface.

The images each have very calming pastel purples, grays, whites, greens, and blues. Some of the images have a very solid and even looking texture where others have more lines and blotches. Darker and lighter shades of gray make up most of the graphic while purple, green, and blue make a subtle appearance.

Overall, the feelings and vibes these graphics give off are clean and calm. The smoothness instills a sense of tranquility along with the pastel and gray color palate. These images will remind you of clean concrete countertops, floors, paint on concrete, or studio workspaces.

These textures would be great for websites belonging to concrete companies, flooring companies, paint companies, and art studios.

These images would be a great backdrop for quotes, graphics, content sections, headers, and footers.

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