Amazing Smoke Textures


Amazing Smoke Textures

Whether you’re looking for a background for your desktop, website, or social media profile header, these smoke textures will be sure to add a mystical feel.

In this set, you’ll find 15 high-resolution, large-scale, white smoke texture stock images. You’ll be able to choose between soft smoke and harsh smoke, and some that fills the frame, and others where the smoke is dissipated.

The download file is zipped and contains all 15 smoke textures in .jpg format.

All of the smoke textures are free, and will make a great addition to any page.

Where can I use these soft white smoke textures?

Our textures are high resolution 1200×800 images, so you can use them just about anywhere for an eerie, majestic feel.

Are the smoke textures photography or graphics?

These abstract smoke textures are all photography. The smoke absorbs white light, and makes the smoke a soft, white color, but ranges in shades and intensity. Some smoke is thick, and some is thin.

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