20 High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Textures + 15 Brushes


Jump into your next design project with these twenty images of high resolution painting textures.

Each one of these bright images is abstract. Though the images are all plaster and paint on the wall – you’d never know from the way these beautiful images are arranged. If you’re looking for a bright abstract image to make a great digital backdrop, this texture pack could be what you need.

By looking closely you can see that there is a flat surface that has been painted over with plaster or white paint in some of the images. In some of the other images you will see a white frame with black dots. Some look similar to black splatter painting.

They could easily be used as a backdrop for a website looking to add a simple touch of grunge design, or as a backdrop for a graphic or header.

Download » thinkdesignblog

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