Burlap / Hessian Sack Texture


If you need an organic or rustic feel, consider this burlap texture.

This image displays a close-up detailed view into the strands and strings that are in this specific piece of worn burlap. Burlap is a universal texture that is rough, stringy, and textured.

The image of this burlap is made up of tan, white, and black.

The texture is a fine weave, and he strings of the burlap weave horizontal and vertical, making a faint grid pattern.

Because burlap reminds many people of farming, this image would be great for the garden and agricultural industries, international non-profit organizations, and farm-to-table or more organic/fresh themed restaurants.

This burlap image would be great as a background for parts of a website, a header image or footer image.  Graphic designers could also overlay quotes of this burlap to insert into blog posts or use it as the background of a menu.

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