Brick Wall Hi-Res Texture


Brick Wall Hi-Res Texture

This grunge, brick wall texture is a gorgeous addition to any website, social media platform, desktop backgrounds, or graphic design.

This single, high-resolution brick texture offers rich shades of brown, red, and tan, and the rough mortar gives the image even more personality and texture.  The mortar between the bricks looks like it was loosely put in between the bricks and not properly finished off or smoothed before drying.  Each brick looks like it might fall out because of the uneven distribution of mortar either spilling over the bricks a little or receding back into the wall.

This brick wall gives off the vibe that is was done quickly without precision. It seems like you can take a brink out of the wall without tugging to hard. This image could be used for a restaurant or pub with an extremely relaxed atmosphere or construction companies.

Is the brick wall texture free?

Yes! Anyone can download this high-resolution brick wall texture for free.

Where can I use the high-quality brick texture?

You can use the brick and mortar texture on your website, in graphic design, for your desktop background, and more. Specific projects this could be used in are as a backdrop for a restaurant menu, a background to put quotes over. Once you put a quote from a blog post or article over the image, you can then insert the image into blog posts.

The options are as endless as your creativity!

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